• Helen Harding

20.1 Masters Recap and Breakdown

Updated: Oct 17, 2019


If you like light weight and heavy cardio you would have loved this workout. If you love heavy lifting or have long levers you will probably not have enjoyed this workout so much!!! It was a great test of general fitness with nothing to complex skill wise. It was test of pacing too. Go out too hard and suffer badly(probably by round 6/7!) or pace too much and have a more pleasant but run the risk of under doing it.

35-39 Men

Firstly two well-known open age athletes join this masters division this season. Welcome Dan Bailey (19th) and Jason Smith (12th). You are officially Masters Athletes!

The 2019 CF Games 3rd place finisher Sigurdur Prastarson posted the fastest time in this age group with an impressive 8.58 which also put him in 34th place in open age! Andre Azevedo from Portugal, a newcomer to the group was 2nd with 9.10, and Stas Solodov from Russia placed 3rd with a time of 9.16. Stas is also a previous regionals athlete. James Howell was 4th (9.17) and Rolo Gomez 5th with 9.18. The 2019 champ Nick Urankar was 6th (9.25), Andreas Janzen (from Germany) was 7th (9.26), Marcus Stanley was 8th (9.32), and the 2019 5th place finisher at the 2019 CF Games Michael Laverriere was 9th with a time of 9.33. Looking down the list, the majority of the top 20 are multiple times regionals athletes and previous CF games athletes. This group is going to be as competitive as ever!

35-39 Women

It is impossible not to be impressed by the ridiculous time set by Sam Briggs of 8.01. This incredible time is 2nd worldwide in open age. The event worldwide was won by Emma McQuaid who was another 20 seconds faster than Sam at 7.41. Interestingly the time set by both Sam Briggs and Emma McQuaid are faster than any of the open age mens times.

2nd place in the womens 35-39 age group was taken by Hope Cicero at 8.53 (who’s time placed her 22nd in open age), and 3rd was Asley Shaeffer (8.57) who is new to the age group (and a multiple times regionals athlete). Cheryl Nasso is also new to the group and a force to be reckoned with. She qualified in open age last year placing 40th at the CF Games and has previously competed 6 times regionals. Anastasiya Ganina from Russia was 5th (9.11). She is a 2x regionals athlete and represented Russia at the games in 2019 placing 53rd. Rebecca Voight (one of the most popular ladies in CrossFit) was 6th with a time of 9.17. Other notable athletes in the top 20 are Kelley Jackson (7x regionals athlete and 3x games athlete), Alethea Boon (4x Games athlete), and Carleen Mathews (4x games athlete). The 2019 champ Anna Tobias in 19th place. She is training to go sailing in the olympics so well done to her for taking part!

Men 40-44

The times at the top of the leaderboard were all very close! Alexandre Jolivet (France) got the fastest time at 9.55 (he was 4th at the 2019 CF Games), Art Hamilton 2nd (10.02), Danny Hale 3rd with 10.05, James Braun 4th (10.07), and Ryan McCarthy of New Zealand 5th with a time of 10.09. Richard Vint who placed 2nd at the 2019 CF Games was in 6th place with a time of 10.12. Most of the 2019 CF Games competitors were down the field in this one… but its only one event down!

Women 40-44

The 2019 champ Joey Kimdon placed 3rd in this open event with a time of 9.41. She was beaten by Kristin Vagstad of Norway (9.20) and Jenn Short (9.26). Australia’s Renee Hoffman placed 4th with 9.54 (she won the open in this age division last year), and Ana C Caldas of Portugal placed 5th place (9.56). Ana competed in the 2018 CF games placing 5th but didn’t do the open last year. She is also a multiple times regionals athlete. Krystal Peterson was 6th (10.11) and Caley Reece of Australia was 7th (10.18). Caley Reece is a previous 6 time world Muay Thai champion and has a 9 month old baby! Someone you clearly shouldn’t mess with!!! A great addition to this age group is Valerie Voboril- a well known multiple time individual CF Games athlete. She placed 9th behind behind Kelly Friel (who was 2nd at the 2019 CF Games). Missing from this group is Stephanie Roy. Stephanie won the games in 2017 and 2018 in the 35-39 and then 40-44 age groups. She is sidelined with injury this year but is expected to return with her fierce competitive spirit next year.

Men 45-49

Joel Hughes dominated this event with a time of 10.23. He won the 2019 games in this age group and was 46 seconds ahead of 2nd place Matt Speaker. Brandon Welton was 3rd (11.11) Jacob Lawgun 4th (11.33), and Nikolaos Harbilas of Canada in 5th (11.33). Justin Lasala who placed 2nd at the 2019 CF Games was 5th. Well known and multiple times games athlete James Grundler was 16th. He didnt compete last year but placed 7th in 2018. Its great to see him back on the leaderboard.

Women 45-49

Christine Tensley smashed this workout in a time of 9.58. 2nd placed Trina Huarte was 48 seconds behind her with 10.46. Trina is a 3 times CF Games athlete (team and Masters). Heather wood was 3rd with a time of 10.53 and the 2019 champ (and multiple times games athlete) Janet Black was 4th (11.03). Jolaine Undershute who placed 3rd at the 2019 games was 5th with 11.10. If you look at the top 30 in this age group it is filled with multiple times games masters athletes. This age category will be extremely competitive this year again. There are some athlete missing this year however including Cheryl Brost who is a multiple times regionals athlete and CF games champion. She is having shoulder surgery so will sit out this season.

Men 50-54

Mike Wassmer won this event in 11.34 closely followed by Jason Ferguson (11.53) and Scott Jenkins (11.53). Scott Jenkins last competed in the games in 2016 in the 45-49 age group. Long time athlete Bill Grundler has aged up this year and placed 4th (11.54). He competed at regionals in 2014 when he would have been in his mid 40’s!. 5th place was Joacim Alebo of Sweden (12.28), Ronnie Young was 6th (12.34), and Bernie Rees 7th (12.39). None of these guys have competed at the CF Games before. Steve Hartle placed 8th. He was a previous masters and team athlete at the CF Games and had a time of 12.41 in this event. The 2019 CF Games competitors are spaced mostly throughout the next 50 places. Unfortunately the 2019 Champion in the age group Kevin Koester has not entered the open this year. He is still training hard but focusing on other things.

Women 50-54

Tia Vesser won this event in this age group with a time of 11.35. She competed in the 2019 CF Games placing 7th. Francoise Mahier (placing 4th at the 2019 CF Games) came 2nd with a 11.47. Kristi Lunny placed 3rd with a time of 12.27. She has competed 4 times at the CF games previously but didn’t compete last year. Sharon Michelle Ewens placed 4th (12.34) and Lisa Altis was 5th (13.12). The 2019 champ Jana Slyder has not entered the open this season. She is taking a break from CrossFit and is concentrating on Olympic Lifting this coming year.

Men 55-59

The weighty for the 55 year old men dropped and as such their times were incredibly fast. 5 men clocked times under 11 minutes. Only 1 man in the 45–49 age division clocked a time under 11 mins and no one in the age group below (45-49)! Steve Haight clocked the fastest time at 10.05 (which would have placed him first in both divisions above him), with Allen Duarte in 2nd with 10.38. Allen placed 3rd at the 2019 CF Games. Canadian Pierre Cleroux with a time of 10.43 placed equal 4th with Michael Johnson. Pierre won the open in this age group in the 2019 season and qualified for the Games but did not end up competing. Perry Siplon was 5th with a time of 10.54. He previously competed at the games in the age group below in 2015 and 2016.

Joe Ames the 2019 CF games champ was down the leaderboard in 88th place with a time of 12.45 and Ken Adler who placed 2nd at the CF Games placed 52nd (12.18)….what is interesting is that the time Ken Adler got in the age group younger would have placed him in 5th place rather than 52nd. What an incredibly fit group of guys!!!

Women 55-59

The 2019 champ Laurie Meschishnick got the fastest time in 20.1 with a time of 10.26. This was over a minute faster than any one in the age group below and that time would have equal 8th in the 40-44 the group (although her weight was lighter) among athletes 15 years younger!! Behind her was Barbara Sessa (10.53), and then Karen Lundgren (10.57). Barbara competed at regionals in 2012 and the games as a masters in 2012, 2013, 2014. Joanne Davis was 4th (11.00) and Joanne McCulloch in 5th with 11.02. There as only 11 seconds separating 2nd-5th place! There are a few of last years games athletes missing from this age group including Mary Beth Prodromides who is a 7times CF games Masters competitor with three 1st place finishes. Mary Beth is out this season from injury.

Men 60+

Carl Giuffre, who came 4th in the 2019 CF games got the fastest time of 11.53. Michael Hyland placed 2nd with time of 12.03, and Kyle Johnston a second behind him with 12.04. David Ganz (previously at the CF games in 2014,15,16 and 17) placed 4th. He is new to this age division. Robert Powers was 5th with a time of 12.23. Paul Perna was the 2019 CF Games champ but as yet has not put in a score (still waiting for scores to be finalised though), and there are some others missing from the 2019 Games athletes including 2nd placed Gord Mackinnon and 3rd placed Dan Brannagan. An old Favourite in this group Dave Hippensteel is returning from a back injury he suffered at the games but managed to complete the workout. Whilst he is in 165th place after 1 event…watch this space as this man will no doubt rise to to the top through the season!

Women 60+

At the 2019 CF Games Susan Clarke dominated by winning every event. Susan has not signed up for the open so the door is wide open in this age category. For 20.1 Pauline Sciascia got the fastest time at 12 mins. Pauline was 3rd in this age group in 2019 and 7th in the 2018 CF Games. Pam Kusar had the 2nd fastest time with 12.27 (she previously competed in the CF Games in 2015,17,18 and is new to this age group), and long time athlete Lynne Knapman came 3rd with a time if 12.29. This will be Lynne’s 11th Games appearance- amazing and the 1st year competing in the 60+ division. Heidi Fish was 4th with a time of 12.43 and Debi Bernardes was 5th being 2 seconds slower. Heidi has also competed at the Games before on 4 occasions. If you look through the list of the top 20 almost all athletes have been to the games before. What an incredibly experienced bunch of ladies.

Please note at the time of writing these placings were not yet finalised and may be subject to change.