• Helen Harding

20.3 Open Highlights and Recap

Alethea Boon (35-39) finished this workout in a lightening time of 6.01. Alethea qualified for the games as both an individual and masters athlete last year. She chose to go as a masters athlete. 29 women finished this workout in the 35-39’s

CHERYL NASSO (35-39) is 1st in her AG and is also above the cut line in open age in 31st place

Michael Laerriere (35-39) got the winning time of 6.50. This placed him in 27th place in open age. 33 men in this age group completed the workout. SIGURÐUR

ÞRASTARSON is the current AG leader

ALEXANDRE JOLET (40-44) won in 7.58. Only 10 men completed the workout under the time cap. Alexandre sits on top of the leaderboard too after the 3 workouts

JOEY KIMDON (40-44) destroyed the workout with a time of 7.11. She is currently in 1st place. 6 women finished this workout in this age group. Joey won this age division at the 2019 games

2 men tied for 1st place in the 45-49 with THOMAS GABRIEL ROMERO &

THOMAS HYLAND just getting in under the time cap at 8.52. MICHAEL

ORLOV is the current leader of this age group


TRINA HUARTE just got inside the time cap at 8.54. TRACY O"CONNOLL is sat in 1st place overall and Janet black (2019’s champ) is behind her in 2nd


No one in the 50-55 male or female finished the workout in the time cap. STEVE

HARTLE was the closest with 158 reps. He was 20 reps ahead of his nearest competitor. Bill Grundler is currently leading this group. TIA VESSER leads the ladies & won this event with 143 reps


55-59’s had push press and HSPU’s rather than HSPU’s and H/S walking. 2 men finished the workout including the current leader in this age group JODY CLEMENTS. One lady finished this workout- the 2019 champ LAURIE MESCHISHNICK in a very quick 7.51


In the 60+ men, WILL POWELL won the event with 160 reps. DAVID HIPPENSEEL was a close 2nd with 151 reps. Dave has been recovering from a back injury and moved from 170th place finish in week 1 to now being in 25th! Amazing!


60+ ladies were close at the top but PATRICIA MCGILL won the event with 156 reps. She is also the age group leader and placed 2nd in this division in 2019