• Helen Harding

KEVIN KOESTER gold CrossFit Games 50-55 age group

KEVIN KOESTER is 52 and won the 50-55 year old division at the CrossFit Games this year. He also won the same age category in 2017 showing he is a force to be reckoned with. . Here is a bit abou

t Kevin.... . WHEN AND HOW KEVIN STARTED CROSSFIT: He started CrossFit in 2015 after a neighbour suggested it. He joined in a Saturday class and never looked back! Before CrossFit Kevin was a competitive gymnast

as a youth and played football
, wrestled and ran track & field through school. Nowadays he snowboard
and Mountain bikes
on top of CrossFit . WORK LIFE BALANCE: Kevin owns and runs a steel erection company so works full time. He trains late afternoons and adds in an early morning session too if needed. He tries to eat dinner with his family at home most nights and tries not to work or train after 7pm . HOW KEVINS GAME PREP WENT THIS YEAR: Generally its went well for Kevin except he broke his finger about 6 weeks before the games (oops
). He then re-injured it handstand walking about 3 weeks later. He claims he modified training for a couple weeks, taped it and just sucked it up
. KEVINS BEST MOMENTS OF THE SEASON: About a month before the games Kevin said could feel his attitude shift and he knew he was ready to compete. This is a great feeling for any athlete and you know when you feel this you are training properly and are in good shape
. On the first workout at the games, Kevin went out hot and when he completed the work out and turned around at the finish line, nobody was even close. Thats one of those moments you realise you have nailed your training and your form is spot on
: 1. He is more at ease sleeping in a tent in the woods than In a 5 star hotel
2. He has OCD but hasn’t figured out if it’s a blessing or a curse 3. His love language is touch
. KEVINS PLANS FOR THE FUTURE: He hopes to inspire others to live with passion